Our Approach

At CYductDX, we believe that the turning point in the battle against breast cancer will come when women and healthcare providers can routinely detect, diagnose and treat this devastating disease at its earliest stage possible, while within the mammary ducts, where virtually all breast cancers originate.

CYductDX’s vision and goal is to develop breakthrough technology and products that will energize the evolution for intraductal assessment, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. And deliver the promise of early intervention for today’s at-risk women. It is these measures taken together as a whole that ultimately will save lives with the most precise, efficient and cost-effective approach to breast cancer throughout the world.

Our Tools

Breast cancer primarily originates in the mammary duct system. In its early stages, generally breast cancer develops very slowly and remains confined to the mammary ducts for years. It is during this critical intraductal time period, that early detection and treatment can provide the best outcomes.

A significant framework for CYductDX is the development of intraductal tools for the future of breast health. It starts with the importance of precision risk assessment for stratification of women of all ages and demographics and continues with early clinical intraductal examination. Thus, helping understand the disease stratification in breast health, which is not only providing insights on how the disease progresses, but clinical direction in early intervention, targeted treatment and prediction of outcome.

Our Risk Test

At CYductDX we feel that the time is now for precision based “breast cancer risk assessment” and a change in the way even the experts think about breast cancer. Since it isn’t realistic to expect that all women would adhere to a risk reducing lifestyle or that all women should receive preventive therapies, we need to identify and focus our efforts on those women with the highest risk of developing breast cancer. And that starts with a true personalized risk assessment test.

Molecular analysis of breast fluid is an objective assessment of a woman's breast health and can detect early warning signs of ductal cellular changes. Regular risk assessment and tracking of cellular changes in the mammary ducts, where most breast cancer begins, enables clinicians and women to take early control of breast health.

The HALO system is a noninvasive device that utilizes proprietary technology to obtain breast fluid, also known as Nipple Aspirate Fluid (''NAF'') samples that can then be used to perform molecular diagnostics and facilitate early and personalized identification of breast cancer risk. It allows women and their physician to actually know in “real-time” what is happening inside the mammary ducts, where most breast cancer starts.

Our Clinical Exam

CYductDX’s current innovative imaging platform gives a physician the ability to observe, collect cell samples, and in the future conduct intraductal biopsies and excise or ablate diseased tissue intraductally with a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure. It provides direct visualization of intraductal lesions, allowing for directed excision and facilitating targeted surgery. The benefit is being able to avoid extensive surgery resection with healthy breast tissue conservation.

MammoView is a fiberoptic technology with the ability to view and collect cells and other abnormalities in the mammary ducts of the breast, abnormalities so small they are often missed on mammogram and ultrasound tests. MammoView uses a 1 mm optical imaging fiber, that is inserted into the mammary duct and guided through the labyrinth of mammary ducts deep in the breast. Unlike mammography or other x-ray “pictures” it allows the physician to actually see in “real-time” and in color what is happening inside the mammary ducts, where most breast cancer starts.