Our Mission

At CYduct Diagnostics ("CYductDX"), our mission is to empower women and their care team to advance breast wellness through personalized risk assessment and early detection of breast cancer. As an innovative healthcare company, our aim is to develop, produce and market leading-edge solutions for unmet clinical needs within Women’s Healthcare. Our products and services will help to assess and diagnose breast cancer at its earliest stages, allowing for better clinical decisions, thus enhancing women’s health and quality of life. We do this in a responsible and ethical manner with a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.


The CYductDX Story

CYduct Diagnostics, Inc., headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, develops, produces, and markets medical devices for the assessment, identification, diagnosis and ultimately treatment of early-stage breast cancer at the source, within the mammary ducts. CYductDX is committed to providing both women and clinicians with innovative technology that will lead the Intraductal approach to breast cancer and improvement in breast healthcare by: 1) bringing precision medicine to breast cancer risk assessment, 2) real time breast health monitoring, 3) enhance early detection and 4) provide the tools to monitor, diagnose and ultimately treat breast cancer early, through intraductal procedures within the ductal system of the breast. CYductDX is committed to develop products and services that advance breast healthcare from an Intraductal prospective.

The CYductDX Team

CYductDX has assembled a strong management team, with support from medical and business advisors. The management team has vast experience in medical technology development, establishing and managing clinical trials, forging strategic alliances and partnerships, and manufacturing and reimbursement. CYductDX’s Clinical & Scientific Advisory Boards includes many of today’s Key Opinion Leaders in the field of breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment. The Company is further strengthened by its industry consultants, business and legal advisors who bring considerable expertise to the company.


Message from the CEO

“Genetic & Proteomic testing is the future of diagnostic healthcare, allowing for the beginnings of a framework for personalized healthcare with predictive technologies leading to personalized care. All of us at CYductDX are dedicated to bringing this evolutionary capability to women’s healthcare, specifically Breast Health. We believe that our products are going to advance the standard of care in breast health in a personalized meaningful way that will not only save lives but enhance the lives of all those associated with CYduct Diagnostics”.

Dom Gatto – Founder & CEO