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At CYduct Diagnostics, Inc. transparency of all activities and open communication are integral to our corporate philosophy.

All Company information aims to promote and strengthen the confidence of our investors and business partners, as well as those that utilize our products. Our intention is to provide you with real-time and comprehensive information about our business activities. We are committed to fulfilling our obligation and duty as a responsible corporation, ensuring that our behavior reflects our values and concern of our shareholders.

Stock Symbol: CYDX

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A Division of CYductDX

Solos Endoscopy, Inc. is a thirty-year-old healthcare technology company whose mission is to market breakthrough technology, medical devices utilized in minimally invasive procedural techniques for the treatment and management of disease and medical conditions. When it comes to endoscopy, Solos’ was a pioneer. Its early work in laparoscopic endoscopy allowed it to become a market leader achieving a significant market share within its early years. Today, Solos focuses on maintaining its core customers with the products and services they have come to expect.